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Insurance Savings!

October 26th, 2022 at 04:30 pm

My auto and home insurance policy bundle is up for renewal in December and of course there is another price increase looming. I decided to use a local, family owned insurance agency to shop around for a better rate and they did! The current policy would have renewed at $1908.00 for a full year. My new quote with a different insurer will be $1042.00, a savings of $866.00!! The new insurer is solid and highly rated through the Better Business Bureau and Moody's and have been in business for over 50 years so I feel comfortable moving forward with them. I can use some of this savings to purchase a new cell phone and save the rest. 

Speaking of cell phones, I contacted Mint Mobile about all of the problems I am having and despite best efforts at resetting, and sending me a new SIM card to try,  nothing worked and the same problems persist. This will be my next project to tackle. It feels less ominous now that I have the money for the new phone which I really need, definately not just a want.

I went to the grocery store yesterday for my final shop for October and my total for the month is at $85.42. I am happy to be under my budget of $100 for the month.

With so much depressing economic news it feels good to have a financial win for a change!



October Mid-Month Update

October 15th, 2022 at 12:46 pm

My spending so far this month is at $1252 which is right on track. All of my regular monthly bills have been paid except for one small one, so the only other spending should be on groceries.

My grocery spend so far has been pretty low, at $36.22. I continue to focus on zero food waste, and using up what I have on hand. I did a freezer sweep and found some things I need to use up. I have a four pack of pork chops which I will use to make some BBQ pulled pork in the crock pot. I have about 2 servings of fish sticks, 2-3 servings of chili, and 3 hamburger patties. I will pair these with mixed veggies for dinners this week. I'll also be making a pan of cheesy corn grits. These are like corn bread but with sharp cheese added in. Great with the chili! 

My Verizon cable and internet bill is increasing by $7 a month. I will call on Monday to see if there is a less expensive cable (TV) plan, but I don't plan on cancelling this. I'm happy with it, and get all of my sports viewing, which is a big part of my social entertaining. My internet works great with no interuptions or problems. 

I have been researching new phones and plans and will be going to Target this week to look at Consumer Cellular and to an AT&T store. Thanks everyone for the recommendations!

My sister and BIL left this morning to head home to Texas.

The weather here in Maryland today will be in the low 70's and sunny. But it will turn much colder this upcoming week with highs only in the upper 50's!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Costs Just Keep Going Up

October 8th, 2022 at 06:55 pm

I received a packet from my former employer with information on the new health care premium costs starting 1/1/23. My health/prescription/dental and vision plans premium total will be increasing monthly by $86.56. Ouch. The only good news is that the vision plan is a different one that is way better then the old one. I should be able to save quite a bit on my next pair of new glasses. 

My utility costs (gas and electric) has increased from 7.820 cents/kWh to 9.773 cents/kWh starting 10/1/22. It is set to increase again at the end of May 2023. Another Ouch. I don't know how this will look in dollars on actual bill yet but surely it will go up!

My cell phone switch to Mint Mobile from Verizon has been a failure. The coverage is terrible. Since I no longer have a landline I need reliable cell service, and this really hit home with the recent loss of my SIL. I was not receiving really important calls and texts. When things settle down a bit I will be switching to something more reliable and upgrading my phone. More expenses and aggravation

I stopped at the grocery store today and the regular price for an 18 count of large sized, store brand eggs is up to $4.99. I have posted many times that I can get them for .99 cents when I use 100 points on my store club card. Today, that discounted price is up to $1.49. Still, a great discount but less then before. 

And the price of gas is going back up. 

The only thing that isn't going up is my monthly income.

My sister and BIL are still here (staying with me until probably Thursday when they will head back to Texas). As much as I miss her when she isn't here, I am looking forward to some peace and quiet and getting back to my routines. My sister is a true "Type A"personality, always in motion, never sits still, and I am the complete opposite! 

The weather here in Maryland has been very cold and rainy (needed to turn on the heat cold) but then warmed back up for a few days. Now it is cooling down again , but it is sunny.