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Top Saving Money Tips

January 21st, 2019 at 12:41 pm

Here are just a few, trying to think of some that haven't already been listed:

1. Turn your heat down in the winter and put on a sweater! And try to use a fan in the summer and keep your AC usage down.

2. Line dry clothing if possible. The dryer is an energy suck. I live in a condo and still find ways to hang clothing to dry.

3. Pack your lunch for work. And buy decent containers so you aren't buying and using plastic baggies or wraps. Use a thermos to take soups and/or coffee.

4. Take care of your health. Eat good foods and exercise. It could save you on medical costs and prescriptions.

5. Have some fun money put aside if you can and reasonably treat yourself once in a while. If you are too restrictive it can lead to binge spending.

Just a few simple ones!

Sunday Update

January 13th, 2019 at 09:44 pm

We had a moderate snowfall last night and today. About 6 inches so far, but it looks like a second round is coming with the potential for a few more inches. One of the reasons I decided on a condo was having a maintenance free lifestyle. It was so nice today to watch the parking lot get plowed, the sidewalks and steps cleared and salt put down. All I had to do was go out and clear off my car. I pay for snow removal through my monthly condo fee, and it is well worth it! I did many years of hard labor shoveling snow, and as I age I knew I just couldn't manage it any more.

I made a pot of vegetable noodle soup today and will have this for lunches and/or dinners this week. I really don't mind eating the same things several times a week.

Financially, I will be seeing another $165.00 per month in my paycheck. We received a 3% COLA effective January 1st, and I selected a less expensive health plan through work. Still the same provider, just an in-network plan instead of the open access one. I'll just have to be very vigilant about specialists and so forth. The cost of the open access plan was going up substantially, so I switched.

I am going to continue to keep myself on a rather tight monthly budget. Work continues to stress me out, especially my boss, no matter what I do. So even though things will be very tight for me, it's still my plan to retire from the college at age 59.5, when I am eligible for the health care subsidy. So with that in mind I am still saving every last dime I can. At some point, your physical and mental health becomes more important then trying to "stick it out" because you don't have a million dollars for retirement.

Well, I am babbling...thanks for listening and have a good week!