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Quick Update

January 21st, 2020 at 10:59 pm

There hasn’t been much going on so I haven’t blogged for while…. but I did decide to bump up my retirement date to May 1st! I had initially targeted June 1st, but since I meet all the eligibility requirements toward the end of April I just didn’t want to stay any longer the absolutely necessary. The burn out is real! I have had some discussions with a few friends across the college in different departments than mine and I am excited about some potential part time opportunities down the road.

My finances are pretty much on auto pilot, I continue to save and keep my expenses low, although I think January is seeming a bit more spendy then I initially thought, nothing crazy though.

A new Lidl grocery store just opened a few weeks ago just a mile or so away. It is very close to the Aldi. I haven’t been yet because I want to wait until it gets a bit less crowded from the grand opening shoppers. I’ll be interested to compare products and prices. I’ve been increasingly buying more organic and gluten free foods so I’m looking for ways to save since they seem more expensive.

My sister has expressed the possibility of coming for a visit soon after I retire. I miss her very much and this would be so much fun to spend some time together without having to cram everything in in a short visit due to work.

The weather on the east coast continues to be wonky. One week it’s close to 70 degrees and the next week it’s below freezing. We haven’t had any real snow to speak of, and I’m hoping it stays that way!
That’s about it, not much exciting happening, just typical life! Hope everyone has a good week.