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Shopping and Easter

March 26th, 2013 at 02:51 pm

Last Saturday my best friend and I went out for our annual spring clothing shopping day! This is something we do every year, and something I save for. We spend the day shopping, laughing, catching up on things and having lunch. It's always such a fun day! I spent about $250 on undergarments, some clothes for work and a few accessories. My friend treated for lunch. I spent less than I had saved. The only other clothing I need are some new flipflops, maybe a pair of sandals and a few t-shirts.

I got another $50 CVS gift card from swagbucks. I have nothing that I really need to buy right away ( I have about a 2 month stock on personal items and papergoods) so I will hold onto it. I think my next giftcard will be to Walmart to use for food items.

Easter. I wasn't planning on anything until my cousin called and now I will have a houseful of people! We are planning a late afternoon lunch type of get together, and everyone is bringing a dish, so the cost will be minimal. And, I love having everyone over so it should be a fun day!

It will soon be time to start getting estimates to replace all the windows in my house. I really dislike the process, it's so time consuming to get estimates, check out each contractor, etc. I have the money saved for this project, so it's time to get rolling.

Decision Made

March 14th, 2013 at 02:32 pm

You guys are so smart, and thank you for the advice, it was right on! Regarding my last blog post, I spoke with my director and I did decline to teach the summer course. We spoke at length about finding a second person to teach the class, and agreed that should be a priority.
Some of you pointed out that my students really expect and deserve an instructor who can give 100%, and I certainly would not be able to do that this summer. So I will be recharging my battery and will be good to go for Fall! It is also true that I was having trouble "letting go" of this class a little, and realized that adding a second instructor would really help with continuing to grow this course without me stretching myself so thin.

On the financial front, I remain on course with my goals. I did some shopping last weekend at CVS with my swagbucks $100 gift card. They had some good sales so I stocked up on shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, laundry soap, and some vitamins. I only spent about $40, so back I go this weekend for paper goods, which weren't on sale last weekend, but are this weekend. By the end of March I should be able to cash in for another $50 gift card.

Turning down income (long)

March 7th, 2013 at 04:15 pm

Yes, I currently find myself contemplating turning down some income. In addition to my full time job as a career counselor I teach an on-line Student Development course. This class is "my baby". I developed all the curriculum (including a module on Financial Literacy), learned all the technology required to build the class, and attended a rigorous 4 month course that is required by my college for anyone who wants to teach an on-line class. To my delight (and my director's) the class really took off! So, enrollment has steadily increased over the past few years. Currently, I am the only one qualified to teach the class.

My director approached me yesterday asking how I felt about teaching a section this summer. So far, we have run the class only in the full Spring and Fall semesters. Summer sessions are much shorter, and you still have to cram 15 weeks of work into either 5 or 7 weeks.

The pay is $2130 per class before taxes. It usually equates to about an extra $220 per paycheck. Nothing to sneeze at. But, I am exhausted. My mom, who is 86 years old lives with me and over the past 6 months she has had two major surgeries and very difficult recoveries. For any of you who care for aging parents, you know how difficult and demanding this can be.

So, I feel like I really need the summer off from teaching to just rest up and get my mojo back, but, I hate to turn down the money, as well as having to decline the offer. My director is great, and very understanding so there wouldn't be any backlash if I declined, but after working so hard to develop this class I really want it to keep growing!

It's a dilemma....part of me feels like I can just suck it up for 7 weeks, and the other part of me just doesn't have the energy...

Snow day! And tax refund/mortgage update

March 6th, 2013 at 06:16 pm

My college is closed today due to bad weather so I have been enjoying my day off by being totally lazy! I did complete my taxes and will receive a refund of $1826. Half will go to April's mortgage principle and half to my home improvement fund.

I am on track with paying down my mortgage. Previous balance was $96,352.74, and after March payment and additional $1400 principle payment my current balance is $94,291.82. Edging closer to saying goodbye to the 90's!

I received my Swagbucks $100 CVS giftcard and am itching to go shopping this weekend to stock up on personal care products, vitamins, paper goods etc. I have coupons for almost everything I need and should also earn a bunch of CVS extra bucks too! I feel like I really spend a minimal amount of time on SB, and that extra income really helps.