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Birthday Weekend!

October 29th, 2021 at 01:51 pm

This is my birthday weekend! On Saturday I will be going out to dinner to my favorite seafood restaurant with my brother and family, then back to thier house for cake and ice cream. On Sunday, my best friend is taking me to lunch, then we will hang out for the day. 

Today (Friday) we are getting hit with a high wind and rain storm. Public schools in a lot of the state actually cancelled classes today because of flooding concerns. I hope to not lose power. 

I did a freezer and pantry sweep and will be eating up a bunch of leftover things for the rest of the month. I have a single hamburger pattie that I will pair with some carrots, a serving of mini meatballs and gravy, and will add a side of greenbeans. I have 3 breaded chicken patties and will fix some instant mashed potatoes and corn. Two servings of vegetable soup that I froze, I will probably have these for lunch. I have plenty of eggs, cereal and oatmeal for breakfasts. Lunches can be tuna or chicken salad, or PB&J. The next senior center food distribution is on Wednesday so I won't  need to do much grocery shopping, usually just fresh produce. 

I started my Christmas shopping and hope to have everthing done in a few weeks. We are keeping the spending low, everyone agrees to keep it simple this year.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Mid Month Update

October 16th, 2021 at 07:39 pm

October is the first month on my reduced income amount from my retirement distribution (from $1500 to $1200). I also average another $200 - $250 from Swagbucks and My Points. So far, my spending for the month is $1053.61. All of my usual monthly bills are paid, except for the cell phone bill so I am right on track.  My grocery spending is at $46.29. The food I receive from the senior center monthly give away has really had an impact on keeping this low. I only really need to buy fresh produce, butter, milk, eggs, iced tea, and some ice cream every now and then. 

We are expecting some storms today, and then a cold front will move in. I'm ready for the cooler weather. It's mid October and it is still very warm and humid. I'm over it! Smile 

Keep an eye out for grocery store promotions for free turkeys and/or hams for Thanksgiving. My Weis grocery store is giving customers a free one when you have enough points on your grocery club card. I will easily reach the 400 points needed by completing the on-line customer satisfaction surveys on the bottom of each shopping receipt. I earn 100 points for each one I do, limit of one per week. I will probably get a ham, and use it for Christmas Eve dinner when the whole family comes over. Meats are so expensive now so this will help the budget a lot. 

My brother, nephew and cousin will be over tomorrow for our football watching Sunday get together. We all just pitch in for food so it's a fun, low cost get together. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


October Senior Center Food Give Away

October 7th, 2021 at 03:13 pm

October Senior Center Food Giveaway (once per month) 


Just a reminder. This is not income based (not a food bank), the only requirements are that you are a member of the senior center, you live in the qualifying neighborhood zip codes, and are a senior (age 60 and up). None of the food is USDA (government subsidized). Everything is donated by local grocery stores and are store brands or name brands. Nothing was expired, opened, or damaged. Everything is aleady bagged up, they just load it in your trunk. I have no idea what I am getting until I get home and unpack it all. 

I got there right at the end of the distribution time and they still had a LOT of food left. I asked what they do with anything left over and she said they donate it to local churches that have food pantry’s 


Here is what I received: 


5 lbs. of frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts (amazing)! I searched around in my pantry and had everything I needed to make some BBQ crock pot chicken. I am using half the chicken for this. Yum! 


1 gallon of milk 

1 box of cereal 

1 box of hot wheat cereal (like oatmeal) 

4 cans of low sodium spaghetti sauce 

boxes of spaghetti pasta 

1 box of rigatoni pasta 

2 cans of sweet corn 

3 boxes of mac and cheese 

1 small package of instant mashed potatoes 

2 beef ramen noodle soups 

1 cup o noodles chicken soup 

1 box of graham crackers 

64 ounce bottle of apple juice 

2 cans of tuna 

1 can of green beans 

1 can of sliced potatoes 

1 can of diced tomatoes 

1 can of Beefaroni 

1 can of vienna sausages 

1 can of mixed vegetables 

1 large can of pork and beans 

2 cans of tomato soup 

1 can of mixed fruit 

1 can of unsweetened applesauce 

1 can of sliced peaches 

1 can of kidney beans 

1 can of sliced pears 

small jars of peanut butter 

2 jars of grape jelly 

4 small individual cups of apple sauce 

1 can of luncheon meat  

15 ounce bag of raisins 

1 (2lb) bag of brown rice 

1 (1.6 lb) package of instant non fat dry milk 

1 (6 pack) of bakery sandwich rolls 

1 loaf of unsliced bakery sesame bread 

1 (6 pack) of bakery sour cream cookies 

1 large pouch of Market Street Beef stew 

2 pouches of Market Street chicken (like canned chicken but in a pouch) 


2 toothbrushes 

2 rolls of TP 

2 bars of bath soap 

1 large (32 ounce) bottle of 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner 

1 tube of toothpaste 


I am VERY grateful for this program, and will be sharing with my family.

September 2021 Spending/Saving

October 1st, 2021 at 02:12 pm

Income Total$1700.00

     * $1500 Recurring monthly retirement account distribution  

     * $200 Swagbucks and My Points earnings (cash out to PayPal


Total Spending: $1475.14

Total Savings$224.86 (difference between monthly income and monthly spending) 
Fixed Expenses: 
Verizon bundle (internet, cable, home phone): $174.51

Cell phone: $59.97
HVAC and water heater contract: $29.95 
Condo Fee (includes water) $190.00 

Health Care: (includes health, dental, vision, prescription plans) $476.37 
Utilities: $97.70
Gasoline: $39.84
Groceries: $105.58
Health: $61.82 (co-pays, scripts refillsvitamins and personal health care items) 
Take Out and Dining Out: $49.11 (most was birthday dinner for bff)

Shopping and Other Spending $63.10 (birthday giftcard for bff, wireless mouse, phone charger)

McAfee yearly renewal: $127.19 (multiple devices)


* Condo is paid in full 
* Car is paid in full (2017 Camry) 
* No other debt  


Notes: Starting in October my recurring monthly retirement account distribution decreases from $1500 to $1200. The dental expenses (ongoing) will be paid from my emergency fund, so I do not count it against my monthy spending. Likewise, I have a seperate savings account specifically for paying yearly property taxes, car insurance and condo insurance. Prior to retiring I funded this account for at least 10 years of payments. I do not count these expenditures in my monthly spending. Thanks to the monthly food giveway from the senior center, my grocery spending was a lot lower, and I expect it to be even lower in October.