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A Fun Frugal Weekend

August 6th, 2018 at 10:16 am

I was having a conversation with my niece about finances over the weekend. She and her boyfriend are trying to save more, so I gave her a few tips that work for me. One was to find frugal ways to have fun. On Friday night after work, I joined a few friends at a local park where a free music festival was being held. There were also vendors selling various crafts and art items, and food and drinks. It was a nice evening weather wise and we had so much fun strolling around and listening to the music. I spent $10 on a pulled pork sandwich and a lemonade. On Saturday I spent the day with my best friend. She works at a grocery store and has rare weekends off, so we took advantage of a free Saturday for her by going to various antique stores and thrift stores in her area. I didn't buy anything because I didn't need anything, but we loved browsing. We spent the day catching up on life, and belly laughing more times then I can count. She lives in a more rural area and we stopped for lunch at an out of the way place we hadn't tried before. I got the best BLT with garden fresh tomato, crispy thick cut bacon, on home baked fresh bread. It came with cole slaw and a pickle and was delicious! With a drink and tip I spent $11.47. We also stopped at a few farm stands and purchased some corn on the cob, tomatoes and peaches. My Friend paid for mine as she owed me some money I had lent her a while back. I spent a few hours on Sunday at my brother's and had lunch there, and the conversation with my niece. I had a fantastic weekend, and only spent $21.47. Overall a very fun and frugal weekend! I am off work this week, using up some vacation time and I intend to try and and keep the frugal fun going all week!