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Totally blew the grocery budget!

November 26th, 2022 at 07:02 pm

I totally blew my $100 grocery budget this month! I haven’t tallied it all up yet, I will post the actual numbers in my month end spending post. But at least the overage was due to stocking up on some things that were on sale. I was almost out of the coffee pods that I use so I bought several bags. I won’t need these again for many months. Aldi had an excellent sale on butter. It was advertised at $2.49 a box with a limit of 6 per person. When I got home, I noticed that it actually rang up at only $1.99 per box (1 lb. boxes)! I froze most of it, and this will last me quite a while even with holiday baking coming up. I also bought another half-gallon of my coffee creamer while it was still on sale for $5.99 (a dollar off). So, I’m OK with the overage since it wasn’t frivolous spending.  


Thanksgiving went really well. My brother always hosts it, but I wasn’t sure if he would be up to it this year with his wife just passing away in September. My niece decided that she really wanted to keep the tradition going, so she decided to do most of the cooking and have us all over. I am very close to my niece and offered to come over and help her if she wanted. At first, she declined, I think she wanted to do it all on her own, but a few days before she called and asked if I would assist. I think she was a little nervous, she is a good cook but never pulled together a big traditional Thanksgiving dinner for 8 people before. She did an outstanding job, and everything was delicious! We had a wonderful time. I hope everyone here enjoyed your holiday as well! 


I’m almost totally done with my Christmas shopping! I got everything on-line and did snag some great deals. I’m well within my Christmas budget so far. I also started my Christmas decorating today and am making swift progress. I’m feeling ahead of schedule this year.


Tomorrow, I’m having my usual people over for Sunday football watching. I’m making sloppy joes and buying some premade potato and macaroni salad.  We have a leftover apple pie from Thanksgiving for dessert. Keeping it simple!


After a cold snap last week, it has warmed back up a bit, with rain expected tomorrow. I’m just happy the heat hasn't been kicking on as much this week. 


I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Mid-Month Update and a New Free Phone!

November 15th, 2022 at 10:19 pm

Yesterday I went to the Verizon store to switch my mobile service back to them from Mint Mobile, and to buy a new phone. I was all ready for an aggravating experience, but it was just the opposite! The customer service guy was awesome. I explained to him that I was a previous customer and wanted to switch back to Verizon and I needed a new phone. He asked what kind of phone I was interested in, and I told him a Samsung Galaxy, newish model and he said, I can offer you free one. He came back with a brand new, sealed, in the box phone! He then transferred everything over from my old phone, made sure everything was working properly, and got me all signed up. The plan I picked was unlimited talk, text and data with a bunch of extra stuff included for $80 a month. I’ll get $10 off a month for using auto pay. So right around $70 a month. I know it’s expensive, but it’s reliable, and I like being able to walk into a store if I have a problem and can talk with an actual human who knows what they are doing. I’m OK with technology in general, but there are times when I need some help and it really stresses me out. After limping along with Mint Mobile for the last 3 months I am so happy to have everything working well again. I looked up my new phone online and it is retailing for between $500 -$650. I am very happy with my decision, and the money I had earmarked to spend on a new phone I can now keep in my savings. 


I did investigate Ting, which only rated as average coverage in my area, Consumer Cellular, which just felt a lot like Mint Mobile to me, so I wasn’t willing to chance that again (even though I know a lot of people use it and have no problems), and AT&T, which didn’t offer any deals on phones I was interested in, and the customer service rep was less than helpful. I’m so glad to have this taken care of and that I got a free phone!! 


Groceries: I am already at $97.76 spent and its only mid-month. Some of that was stocking up on my coffee pods. But I don’t need anything else, and I should be able to get through the rest of the month without needing to spend anything more. I bought an 18 count of large; store brand eggs and the regular price is now up to $5.19!! That is just crazy to me. The last time I bought them the regular price was $4.99. With my store card discount and my senior discount, I paid just $1.34. I had some really good store e-coupons, one for $1 off a one lb. store brand butter and $3 off a rotisserie chicken. My receipt says I saved a total of $8.86 cents using my club card, e-coupons and senior discounts. It all adds up! 


After a few weeks of absolutely beautiful weather, it has abruptly turned cold with highs only in the mid 40’s. It was nice to have a couple of months of low-ish utility bills, but the heat is kicking on so I’m dreading to see these winter bills. I set my thermostat at 69 degrees during the day and 66 at night to try and save while still feeling comfortable.


Have a good rest of your week!

Free Turkey and Walmart and Aldi Price Rollbacks

November 4th, 2022 at 04:59 pm

Today I went to my Weis grocery store and redeemed 400 club card points for a free turkey. I take advantage of this promotion every year. I got a 13.47 lb. turkey regularly priced at $25.46 for free. The quality is always very good. I don't host Thanksgiving, or serve it for my Christams Eve meal so this goes into the freezer for future use!

Walmart put out a press release that they were rolling back prices on certain food items to last year's prices to help customers afford holiday meals. Aldi also announced rolling back prices on some items to 2019 prices. I don't shop at the Walmart that is closest to me, but I was curious so I drove over to the nearest Aldi and oh my goodness the place was packed! I didn't stay. 

Safeway had a sale on boneless, skinless chicken breasts at $2.99 a pound. My family has requested that I make my BBQ pulled chicken for Christmas Eve so I went to buy a few packs as this is the best price I have seen lately. It was flying out of the case so I snagged 2 value packs. I spent $22.09 and saved $7.39. This spend comes out of my Christmas fund. 

I also bought the half gallon size of my creamer, it was on sale for $5.99 (regular price was $6.99). This hardly ever goes on sale, and they have been out of it the last few times I went in. I may go back and get another one to stock up. 

I am glad to be finding some sales and promotions on food items to help make the holidays a bit more affordable!

October 2022 Spending/Saving

November 1st, 2022 at 12:44 pm

Income Total$1400.00

     * $1200 Recurring monthly retirement account distribution  

     * $200 Swagbucks and My Points earnings (cash out to PayPal


Total Spending: $1279.53

Total Savings$120.47 (difference between monthly income and monthly spending)  
Fixed Expenses: 
Verizon bundle (internet, cable): $167.43

HVAC and water heater contract: $29.95
Condo Fee (includes water) $190.00 

Health Care: (includes health, dental, vision, prescription plans) $477.78 
Utilities: $76.57
Gasoline: $39.97
Groceries: $83.92
Health: $50.26 (co-pays, scripts refillsvitamins and personal health care items) 
Take Out/Dining Out: $31.10

Shopping: $0

Household: $14.63

Funeral Expenses: $92.75 (flowers and sympathy cards)

Entertainment: $25.17


* Condo is paid in full 
* Car is paid in full (2017 Camry) 
* No other debt


I'm happy to have been able to sweep some money into savings, and that my grocery spending was under my $100 budget. Take out was a bit high due to my sister and BIL visit.