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A Spendy Month

March 26th, 2021 at 06:16 pm

March has been a very spendy month (for me) so far. I purchased:

The treadmill I have been researching for a few months. I need to increase my exercise and I love walking. But the weather here just isn't consistent enough for me to be able to walk outside a lot. I don't tolerate heat very well so with summer coming I needed a solution. I looked on Facebook Marketplace but the few I found for sale were really old, very bulky and heavy, and just more then I needed. Plus I would have had to pay someone to deliver it to me. I wound up with a new one from Amazon with high reviews for a total price of $445.19. This includes tax and a $20 shipping fee. What I love about it is that it requires NO assembly, and isn't overly heavy. It folds down flat and can be stored under a bed if I want to store it out of sight. It is lightweight but very sturdy, has a powerful motor and a 1 year warranty. It is simple to use and I can't wait to receive it! I used my state tax refund ($516) to pay for it. 

My AAA membership was due for the year, $75

I purchased refills of the makeup I use from Ulta $67.84. I don't wear a lot of makeup, mostly a light foundation and powder, a brow pencil and some tinted lip balm. This purchase will last me several months. I was running out of everything.

I finally had my hair cut and styled and gave a nice tip, $60.

And, I already went over my $200 monthly grocery shopping budget by $33.88. I broke the golden rule of not going to the store when I was hungry!

So, a grand total of $648.03 (not including the grocery overage). Other then somewhat blowing my grocery budget I am feeling good about my purchases (no buyers remorse). I waited to buy the treadmill until I had the money to pay for it, and the rest were just ordinary expenses that I cash flowed.

Have a great weekend!


Can someone please fix the comments!!

March 21st, 2021 at 05:53 pm

Cannot post blog comments. This is happening repeatedly lately. Thanks!

1st Vaccine and Other Updates

March 15th, 2021 at 10:16 pm

Last Friday I received my first Moderna vaccine dose. Other then a sore arm I had no side effects at all. My second dose is scheduled for early April. The college I worked at is a vaccine site so it was very convenient, and the process was very smooth. There was no line, and I was in and out pretty quickly. Most of the time spent was the 15 minute observation time. I'm glad to have round one completed!

I finally got a haircut on Saturday. It was my first cut since July and I really needed it. I have decided to let my hair go gray and no longer color it. So far it seems to be blending in well and I don't hate it yet. My hair feels so much healthier and I sure didn't miss the cost. I spent $60 for my cut and style, and a very generous tip. 

On the financial front, I will be receiving a $5822 federal refund, a $516 state refund (already recieved this one) and the $1400 stimulus for a total of $7738! I knew I would be getting a large federal refund but this was larger then expected. I do plan to spend some of this on a new laptop and printer. I have also been pricing treadmills but I am still on the fence about it. The rest will go to savings. 

My state has relaxed most retail and restaurant restrictions on capacity limits, but have kept the mask mandate and distancing mandates in place. I saw that at my salon on Saturday. There were a few too many people in there for my liking but everyone was masked and I didn't get close to anyone except my stylist. I'm really glad to be on my way to being fully vaccinated. 

Have a great week everyone!

March 2021 Grocery Spending

March 9th, 2021 at 04:46 pm

Yesterday I went to the grocery store and spent a total of $34.17 here is what I bought:

$1.00     1 can of baked beans

$4.39     2 cans of premium canned chicken breast (for chicken salad for lunches)

$1.50     1 package of peeled organic carrots

$.58       1 crown of broccoli (I still have some left from last week)

$3.46     2.05 lbs of red delicious apples

$8.99     prepared Stouffer's Meatloaf (2 lbs, six individual slices with gravy)

$4.49    1 box of chocolate popsicles (still have some left from last week but decided not to run out!)

$1.29    1 dozen large eggs

$4.38    2 small tubs of butter/spread (this will last a while)

$2.50    1 gallon of unsweetened iced tea (this will last a while)

$1.59    1 quart of whole milk

The meatloaf is for the bulk of my dinners this week. I'll have one slice with veggies for 6 meals. I was going to buy ground meat and make my own, but ground meat was not on sale this week so this option was actually less expensive, and I have had it before and really like it. And it's easy, just heat and eat. I really don't mind eating the same thing for several meals.

This grocery store, Weis, is right down the street and very convenient. I find thier prices are generally stable and they have decent sales. I could make a special trip to the Lidl's where eggs and milk are a bit less expensive, but it just isn't worth it to me to drive 3 miles away to save about $1.00. I'm still trying to limit how many stores I go into until I can get vaccinated. 

So far for the month of March I have spent a total of $101.08. My goal for the month is to stay at or under $200. I only plan to shop once a week on Mondays. 


March 2021 Grocery Challenge/Spending

March 2nd, 2021 at 10:43 pm

I went to the grocery store on March 1st and spent $66.91 on food just for myself. This was from one grocery store. Here is what I bought:

3.59   1 large bag of popcorn (unpopped)  This will last me for quite a while      

3.38   2 cans of low sodium chicken soup.   I will have this for lunch or dinner

3.99   1 large jar of mayo   

6.87   3 cans of chicken breast.  I will make chicken salad and have this for lunches

4.00   2 loaves of multigrain bread

5.00   1 container of prepared BBQ pork (heat and eat) I'll get 3-4 meals from this for dinner

2.99   2 lbs. of fresh broccoli

1.50   1 bag of organic carrots (peeled)

2.50   1 container of fresh baby spinach

6.73   4 lbs. of red delicious apples

3.00   2 bags of frozen mixed vegetables

4.49   1 box of chocolate popsicles

3.49   1 large bottle of coffee creamer

2.50   1 gallon unsweetened ice tea

1.29   1 dozen large eggs

1.59   1 quart of whole milk

10.00  1 prepared roasted whole chicken (it's huge, hormone free, no antibiotics) I don't know how many lbs, I already tossed the packaging). I will easily get 5-6 dinners from this one chicken.

For breakfast I usually have 1 egg, 1 piece of toast with butter, and a cup of coffee with creamer. Sometimes I will have oatmeal.  I am covered for 2 weeks of breakfasts. 

For lunch I usually have a half of a sandwhich of either tuna or chicken salad with fresh spinach leaves on multigrain bread, a few raw carrots on the side, with some iced tea or just water to drink. If I feel really hungry I will have a whole sandwhich. Sometimes I will just have a PBJ, or make a grilled cheese. I have enough on hand for 2 weeks of lunches.

For an afternoon snack I usually have an apple, sometimes with peanut butter. I have enough apples for one week. In the summer I have more of a variety of fruits ( strawberries, peaches etc)

For dinner I usually have a protein (usually chicken) and a large helping of veggies, or make a side salad of fresh veggies. Sometimes I will have salmon, or make a burger. Occassionally I will make pasta but I am cutting back on too many carbs. That large chicken I bought will easily feed me for 5-6 dinners.  I have enough food on hand for about 2 weeks of dinners.

For an evening snack I will pop some popcorn and drizzle a little melted butter on it, no salt. Or I will have a popsicle. 

Next week I will do a small grocery shop for more apples, fresh produce and chicken so it should be a smaller shop.

Sometimes I will make homemade soups, stews or chili and freeze some. Since I mostly just cook for me I tend to keep things pretty basic, I am not really into cooking anything too elaborate. When I cook for company I take it up a notch!

I will post a breakdown each time I shop for the month of March. It does help me stay on track.