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March 2021 Grocery Challenge/Spending

March 2nd, 2021 at 10:43 pm

I went to the grocery store on March 1st and spent $66.91 on food just for myself. This was from one grocery store. Here is what I bought:

3.59   1 large bag of popcorn (unpopped)  This will last me for quite a while      

3.38   2 cans of low sodium chicken soup.   I will have this for lunch or dinner

3.99   1 large jar of mayo   

6.87   3 cans of chicken breast.  I will make chicken salad and have this for lunches

4.00   2 loaves of multigrain bread

5.00   1 container of prepared BBQ pork (heat and eat) I'll get 3-4 meals from this for dinner

2.99   2 lbs. of fresh broccoli

1.50   1 bag of organic carrots (peeled)

2.50   1 container of fresh baby spinach

6.73   4 lbs. of red delicious apples

3.00   2 bags of frozen mixed vegetables

4.49   1 box of chocolate popsicles

3.49   1 large bottle of coffee creamer

2.50   1 gallon unsweetened ice tea

1.29   1 dozen large eggs

1.59   1 quart of whole milk

10.00  1 prepared roasted whole chicken (it's huge, hormone free, no antibiotics) I don't know how many lbs, I already tossed the packaging). I will easily get 5-6 dinners from this one chicken.

For breakfast I usually have 1 egg, 1 piece of toast with butter, and a cup of coffee with creamer. Sometimes I will have oatmeal.  I am covered for 2 weeks of breakfasts. 

For lunch I usually have a half of a sandwhich of either tuna or chicken salad with fresh spinach leaves on multigrain bread, a few raw carrots on the side, with some iced tea or just water to drink. If I feel really hungry I will have a whole sandwhich. Sometimes I will just have a PBJ, or make a grilled cheese. I have enough on hand for 2 weeks of lunches.

For an afternoon snack I usually have an apple, sometimes with peanut butter. I have enough apples for one week. In the summer I have more of a variety of fruits ( strawberries, peaches etc)

For dinner I usually have a protein (usually chicken) and a large helping of veggies, or make a side salad of fresh veggies. Sometimes I will have salmon, or make a burger. Occassionally I will make pasta but I am cutting back on too many carbs. That large chicken I bought will easily feed me for 5-6 dinners.  I have enough food on hand for about 2 weeks of dinners.

For an evening snack I will pop some popcorn and drizzle a little melted butter on it, no salt. Or I will have a popsicle. 

Next week I will do a small grocery shop for more apples, fresh produce and chicken so it should be a smaller shop.

Sometimes I will make homemade soups, stews or chili and freeze some. Since I mostly just cook for me I tend to keep things pretty basic, I am not really into cooking anything too elaborate. When I cook for company I take it up a notch!

I will post a breakdown each time I shop for the month of March. It does help me stay on track.





2 Responses to “March 2021 Grocery Challenge/Spending”

  1. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Thanks for playing with me. I just bought $9.99 for candy grapes 3 lbs from costco.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Good job on your shopping.

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