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HVAC and Dental Expenses

July 21st, 2023 at 10:59 pm

Yesterday, my HVAC stopped working. I heard a loud screech and then just a buzzing sound. I turned the system off for about 10 minutes then back on and it just made that buzzing sound but never really kicked on. So, I shut it down and called my warranty company. I pay $29.95 a month for coverage on my HVAC and hot water heater. I can tell you that there have been times recently where I considered cancelling this coverage and using that $30 toward other bills. I am so glad I didn't! The motor died and needed to be replaced. I was his first stop this morning and within a couple of hours I was back up and running. Since I have the warranty, my cost was zero. I asked what this would have cost OOP and he said between $900 and $1000 dollars and that was a conservative estimate. In our condo's each unit has it's own HVAC system and owners are responsible for them. 

I also had a dental appointment this week for a cleaning and a check-up. I've been having some sensitvity around a tooth that had already had a root canal and a crown put on it a very, very long time ago. I was dismayed to learn that the remaining tooth under the crown was in very bad shape and needs to be extracted, and replaced with an implant. My estimate after what my insurance will pay is about $2100 dollars. This will be paid from my emergency fund. Dental work is so expensive!

These type of expenses are why I am trying very hard to not dip into my emergency fund for everyday living expenses. I do not want to go into credit card debt to pay for emergencies. 

This weekend I am having a few of my friends over for brunch. I will be making an egg and cheese quiche, and serving coffee and teas. My friends will all be bringing something, a fruit platter, juice and probably some muffins. Then we usually play some cards for a while and enjoy a fun few hours. We try and do this once a month and rotate who is hosting. It's a fun, low spend day!

3 Responses to “HVAC and Dental Expenses”

  1. PatientSaver Says:

    It's great that you had that warranty coverage on your HVAC, though another thing to consider, too, is how many months/years you paid that $30 and see what you paid into it vs what the OOP would have been. I rarely pay for that kind of coverage, but must admit to spending I think $300 on a 5-yr warranty on a new Samsung washer/dryer, mainly becus the dryer uses new heat pump technology to dry your clothes and I wasn't sure how reliable it would be, though both appliances are ultra-energy-efficient.

    You're right about the dental work being expensive. At my last visit, they told me i have 2 cracked teeth, so eventually I'll be looking at a few thousand dollars for a crown(s). That would be the first time I've ever had any work done on my teeth aside from fillings, and NOT looking forward to it. So I chew carefully and try not to chomp down hard on anything.

    Your brunch sounds like fun.

  2. Dido Says:

    Also glad to hear you had the warranty and that was covered. Enjoy your brunch!

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Glad the warranty covered the HVAC -- good thing you didn't cancel.

    You aren't a kidding about dental costs. Egad! I realize they have to pay for their offices and things like that, but yowza is it expensive!

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