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February Mid Month Update

February 15th, 2023 at 01:05 am

I had the estimate done for my master bathroom renovation, and some work on my guest bath. It came in a bit higher then I was expecting, but not crazy high. I have used this contractor before when I had my single family house and they do quality work so everything is set. They can't start until the spring, which is fine with me as it gives me enough time to select all of my materials without feeling rushed. 

Spending is on track this month. All the usual bills are paid. I spent $60 on a haircut, style and tip, but when I looked back I haven't had a haircut since August! My style is just a bob, parted in the middle, not too short, with a blunt cut. When it grows out it really keeps it shape, just longer, so I can go a while inbetween without looking really shaggy.

My grocery store has really started cutting back on how many club card points can be earned through taking the on line surveys. Members used to be able to do a survey every 7 days and earn 100 club card points for each one. They cut it back to one survey every 14 days which cuts earning points by half. My cashier today also said they are raising the discount on eggs too, up to $2.99 for 18 eggs with 100 points. It started out at .99 cents, then was raised to $1.49, now up to $2.99. This is still a very good deal, but it just contributes to increased spending. I have eggs every morning for the protein so I will feel this increase. There always seems to be some little squeeze that makes things just a little tighter. 

Today I bought an 18 count of large eggs, 2 packs of shredded cheese, a loaf of bread, iced tea, a bag of organic carrots, and butter and spent $17.26. I saved $11.18 by using my senior discount, and club card points. I think it's time to start shopping Aldi more often, even though it's farther away. I made a meatloaf on Sunday, and will be making some chili later this week. I have some canned salmon I want to use so salmon cakes will soon be on the menu. I keep using what I have on hand. No food waste!

Not much else is happening, the weather is supposed to reach 70 degrees tomorrow! I will take it as it keeps my heat from kicking on. 


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  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    We don't have Aldi, but I've made the decision to start using Winco more often again even though it is further away, too. It's just so much cheaper and it has tons of checkout lanes that are always open and they have cashiers in them, actual cashiers, they aren't self-checkout. I forget about Winco sometimes since it is not in the grocery loop around my house. It's a bit further than the easy circle I can make of the other stores. But when I went there last week I had a sharp reminder of just how much cheaper it is when I walked out with 5 bags of groceries for $69.41 and the same items of those groceries from other stores would have been around $215. So it is worth going a little bit out of the way, through some annoying traffic, and use an extra gallon of gas, to go there.

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