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Mid-Month Update and Good News!

January 15th, 2023 at 02:33 pm

I can't believe it's already mid January!

A couple of months ago I received a benefits package from my former employer with the new health care costs for 2023. It looked like I was going to see an increase of about $85 per month, which would have been a major hit to my already tight budget. When I received the first invoice this month, the cost was the same as last year, other then a small, $1.72 increase in my monthly dental coverage cost. I went back and looked again at the rate sheet and saw that I had been looking at the wrong line item! I have never been so happy to be wrong! I also called the Benefits Coordinator just to confirm and she did. Whew! And in addition, I received the details about the new vision plan and it is sooooo much better then the old one, without costing any more. I am so glad they switched. My glasses are so expensive and it now looks like I can get a new pair, almost totally free every 2 years. This is such great news.

My grocery spending at mid-month is at only $39.63. I had a lot of Christmas leftover food and have been workng my way through that so I haven't needed a whole lot, mostly fresh veggies and apples.

I decided it's time to move forward with my master bathroom renovation. When I bought this condo, I knew I wanted to re-do this bathroom. I want to convert the combination tub/shower into a walk-in shower, replace the flooring (the existing tile is cracking), replace the toilet (I have already repaired it 3 times and it is leaking again) and maybe replace the vanity, although the one I have is fine, I just want a more upgraded one. I have had the money set aside from the sale of my previous home, so it's already funded. I was going to start a couple of years ago, but COVID happened. I'll be calling my contractor tomorrow to schedule an estimate. While I dread the process, the noise, the mess etc., I'm excited to be getting this done. I have a second full bathroom to use during the reno, so that part won't be an inconvenience.

I'm back on my healthy eating and exercise routine after having fallen off the past few months and gaining some weight back. Things are going well and I'm moving back in the right direction.

The weather had been milder all last week, but this weekend it got colder and windy again. I cringe every time the heat kicks on. My bill last period was high for me due to that cold snap. Thankfully, it looks like it is supposed to warm up again this coming week. There isn't much else I can do to keep my bill down, rates are up and I can't control that. Sigh.

I'm still involved in delivering food from the senior center to those in need. Donations have been fewer the past few months, but we are hoping things pick up soon. Wth such high grocery prices, people are really struggling. I have really gotten to know the people I deliver to and they have such heartbreaking and compelling stories, but I never hear them complain. They are so grateful for what they do have, and recieve. 

Have a great week everyone!


2 Responses to “Mid-Month Update and Good News!”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    That's great news, Wink! Glad the increase was so minimal!

    You are doing good work delivering those meals. I'm sure seeing how these folks struggle and make do, makes you appreciate what you have so much more!

  2. Turtle Lover Says:

    Yay to bathroom reno - hopefully all goes well and hopefully you can post updates on progress ... that is so sweet of you to continue to volunteer !

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