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December 2022 Spending/Savings

December 31st, 2022 at 05:49 pm

I will be staying home today and tonight for a quiet New Year's Eve so no spending will happen today, 12/31.


Income Total$1476.21

     * $1200 Recurring monthly retirement account distribution  

     * $150 Swagbucks and My Points earnings (cash out to PayPal)

     * $126.21 Credit Card Cash Back Reward 


Total Spending: $1186.26

Total Savings (using as income for next month)$289.95 (difference between monthly income and monthly spending) SEE NOTES BELOW
Fixed Expenses: 
Verizon bundle (internet, cable): $167.43

Verizon Mobile: $0 (see note below)

HVAC and water heater contract: $29.95
Condo Fee (includes water) $190.00 

Health Care: (includes health, dental, vision, prescription plans) $477.78 
Utilities: $125.52
Gasoline: $0
Groceries: $99.87
Health: $4.49

CVS Gift Cards: $25.00
Take Out/Dining Out: $66.22

Shopping: $0

Household: $0


* Condo is paid in full 
* Car is paid in full (2017 Camry) 
* No other debt


Notes: My next scheduled payment for my cell phone is scheduled through auto-pay next month so there was no payment due in December. Going forward it will be auto-paid on the 5th of each month.


The savings I had this month I will be using as income for next month. I will be using any savings I may have in any month toward income for the next month and not truly as savings. I expect my expenses to be higher in 2023 due increases in my health care costs, and utility costs. I honestly doubt I'll be realizing much savings going forward. 

2 Responses to “December 2022 Spending/Savings”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    It’s a shame you might not be realising any further changes due to increased costs. Are you able to increase your retirement account distribution?

  2. rob62521 Says:

    It is so frustrating that the rising costs are hurting so many. Hopefully things will settle down and you can realize more savings so you can then put more into savings.

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