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Switching to Mint Mobile

August 24th, 2022 at 08:11 pm

My current smart phone service with Verizon was recently increased from $59.89 a month to $67.79 per month. The reason for the increase was stated as “increased administration cost”, so I wasn’t really getting anything more. My monthly plan with Verizon included unlimited talk, text and I believe 5 GB of data. I was happy with them; the service was always very reliable. When I called them to discuss any other options to lower my bill, they basically said there wasn’t anything they could offer me.


After doing a lot of research on different providers and plans I decided to try Mint Mobile. This is a prepaid plan as opposed to a postpaid plan which seems fine to me. For unlimited talk, text and 4 GB of data per month, the cost is $15 per month! The offer was to sign up for 3 months (prepaid) and after taxes and fees the total cost for 3 months was $51.78. This makes the taxes and fees only $6.78 for 3 months. After the 3 months if I am happy with the service, I can keep that rate for another full year.  


I am not a heavy data user and always use less than the 4GB’s a month so this plan should work great for me. 

They are sending me a SIM card which I should receive in a few days (for free) and all I need to do is switch it out and then activate my account. According to Mint Mobile, my zip code is in an “excellent” connection area, so I’m hoping the service works well. I can also keep my current phone# and phone.


I must say, the customer service so far has been excellent. I was easily able to speak with an actual person who was very knowledgeable, friendly and patient! I had a lot of questions and she answered all of them without rushing me. She even said that they would be happy to walk me through the activation process over the phone if I would be more comfortable than trying to do it on my own. It does sound very easy to do so I think I can manage it, but it was nice to have that support.


I’ll update again after everything switches over and I begin using it. Paying less for 3 months of the same service as Verizon was charging me for one month will be some great savings. 


And I will need it to bump up my monthly grocery budget. I am stopping the free grocery give away from the senior center. They have been receiving a LOT less donations from the grocery stores and I would rather the food go to others who may need it more than me. I am still doing my monthly food drop offs and will continue to do so to those people without transportation, or who are disabled and can’t drive. I enjoy it!


I was trying to stay at $70 per month for groceries but will be bumping it up to $100 per month. The savings from reducing my cell phone bill makes this possible.

5 Responses to “Switching to Mint Mobile”

  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    Congrats! I cringe every month at your cell phone bill. 😁

    If for any reason you are unhappy, Ting does use the Verizon network. Just FYI. (& my husband is really picky re: companies that throttle back data and stuff like that. Ting is A+).

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Hope it works out because honestly utility costs are just crazy anymore with all the taxes and fees.

    With grocery prices going up, I think you'll have to bump up your allotment. Glad your phone savings will make that possible.

  3. Wink Says:

    MonkeyMama: Thanks for the Ting tip, I'll keep it in mind if Mint doesn't work out. I was cringing every month too, it just takes me a while to make technology changes! Smile

    Rob: I'm hoping that $100 a month for groceries is enough.

  4. CB in the City Says:

    I think you can manage $100 a month. You just have to be a little more choosey about what you buy, maybe give up a few things that aren't important to you. Finding bargains is just about impossible, but I'm having good luck with the .99 produce rack at Food4Less, where they sell imperfect fruits and vegetables. I plan to stick to my $100 limit, no matter what I have to do!

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    $15/mo for all that is a great deal!

    My husband and I have Ting (like Monkey Mama) two lines, approximately 2 gb/month for between 35-40 (depending on if it's 1 gb or 2 gb.)

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