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Mid-Month Update

August 15th, 2022 at 09:28 pm

Spending so far this month is right on track. I have spent $60.29 on groceries which only leaves me with $9.71 left to spend for the rest of the month to stay at my monthly goal of $70. I will need to buy butter, cheese, fresh spinach and iced tea soon so it might be a stretch to stay under budget this month. I did a quick tour of my fridge, freezer and pantry and I have 6 chicken drumsticks, frozen veggies, chili, veggie soup, ground meat, fish sticks, tuna, canned chicken, PB&J, pasta, pasta sauce and eggs so I can make it work. I like the challenge of using up what I have on hand! 


The price of eggs keeps going up. I bought an 18 count of large store brand eggs on 8/8 and the regular price is up to $4.89. The time before that, they were $4.75. I’m happy that my store still offers them for just .99 cents when you use 100 store club card points. I have not seen any shortages on any products that I usually buy and can still get some things on sale. At least the price of gas is going down. It was down to $3.89 for regular at my corner station today. Still high but better.


I took my brother out to lunch for his birthday spending $35.91 for both of us with tip and gave him a $25 gift card so some spending there.  


I’m getting excited about our upcoming vacation in September! I’ve been tucking away some spending money every month so I can just enjoy myself without counting every penny.


Not much else is happening, we had an absolutely beautiful weekend with perfect weather in the low 80’s and low humidity. My BF and I went to a few yard sales (I didn’t buy anything) and hit the park for a long walk and then sat outside for a while enjoying the sunshine. 


Football season is fast approaching which means I will soon be hosting my usual football Sunday get togethers. There will be some food spending for this, but everyone either pitches in, or brings something so it’s affordable, and we have so much fun!


I can’t believe it’s already mid-August!

2 Responses to “Mid-Month Update”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    I cannot believe it is mid August either! Where has the summer gone?

    I noticed eggs had risen 50 cents over last week's shopping trip. Saltines had risen 14 cents. And those are the items I can think of. Good deal that you can get eggs for 99 cents with the points.

    Knowing you, you will figure out a way to stay under your budget because you are inventive.

    Mike Royko used to write for the Chicago papers. He had a column once about grocery shopping and it was basically he bought the same stuff every week and he and the kids ate the same easy stuff and he had a pantry and freezer full of stuff that wasn't a convenience food. So, he made a rule they couldn't go shopping again until everything was eaten. He said some of the meals were a little wacky, but no one went hungry. He said it taught the kids to learn to cook, or else find a girlfriend/boyfriend who could cook. It was a clever column and I remember laughing over it. Maybe you should write of your adventures in pantry/freeze eating!

  2. Wink Says:

    Rob: The column sounds very interesting! I followed a blogger a while back who did something similar for a year. It was very interesting to see what she came up with. I'm afraid my meals would bore most people; I do eat a lot of the same things!

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