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Fantastic Grocery Deals!

February 10th, 2022 at 05:17 pm

I saw a post on my neighborhood Facebook page that my local Weis grocery store had added on some new food deals by using your club card points. These are fantastic! Weis brand ground meat, 80/20 is just .99 cents a pound up to 3 lbs. when you use just 100 points. Also, you can get Weis brand ice cream (1.5-quart size) for FREE by using 100 points. They still have the deal on eggs, an 18 count of large eggs for just .99. after using 100 points, and you can also get a gallon of milk for just $1.39 when you use 100 points. ** I do not know if these deals are offered at all Weis stores**


Today I purchased (all Weis brand): 

A 3-pound pack of ground meat (80/20) originally priced at $13.47 ($4.49 a lb.) for just $2.97 TOTAL, after cashing in 100 club card points! This is a great deal and I hope they continue it for a while. 

A container of ice cream for FREE using another 100 points.! Regular price was $2.99 

An 18 count large eggs for just .99 using 100 points. Regular price is $2.79 

Total saved: $15.29! 


These savings took the sting out paying $3.69 each for my International Delight Sweet Cream coffee creamer. They finally got it back in stock, so I bought 2. This is a splurge for me, but I love this stuff and haven’t found a comparable store brand that tastes as good. I love my morning cup of coffee Smile 


Last week I stocked up on Dawn dish soap at CVS. I bought six of the very large bottles (34oz.) and after using all my CVS extra bucks and my monthly $10 CarePass bucks I only paid $7.91 out of pocket (including $1.02 tax) This was an 86% savings. Just for context, one bottle is regularly priced at $8.29. And I got back another $8 in CVS Extra bucks to use on a future purchase.


I also filled up my gas tank today. I was almost on empty and spent $43.37. Ouch. That’s $3.50 a gallon.


My senior center had the food distribution earlier this month. The highlights were: 2, four packs of center cut pork chops, a large can of wild caught salmon, bread, and a variety of canned goods and other dry goods. As usual I shared with my elderly neighbors and my brother. I kept the chops and salmon though. I haven’t had salmon cakes or pork chops in ages!


So far this month I spent $32.30 on groceries and won’t need anything for a while. A lot of this was fresh produce. I was happy to see that most things I normally buy were back in stock.  


The weather here in Maryland will be spring-like for the next couple of days before the cold comes roaring back on Sunday with a threat of snow.

7 Responses to “Fantastic Grocery Deals!”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    I am the same way about creamer -- though I don't have to have a particular brand, I have to have it! I ran into shortages, too, so now I grab it whenever!

    Your senior center is amazing. What a godsend those groceries must be to so many of its members!

  2. Lots of Idea Says:

    I love your ‘deal’ reports.
    I am afraid I will put CVS out of business - it takes minimal effort to save big there.

    The amount you ‘splurge’ for a bottle of coffee creamer is what many people pay for one cup of coffee, so you are really saving a lot with that splurge. I drink tea black, and (shades of my grandmother) I get two cups from one less than 2 cents a cup!

  3. mumof2 Says:

    I wish we had deals and coupons and things like that here..and geez I wish it would cost us less than $44 for a tank of gas, it cost my hubby $109 last week and that was for 3/4 tank gas...the conversion rate means that we are spending around $6.99 per gallon $1.89 per litre and 1 gallon 3.7 x 1.89...that is double what you guys

  4. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    That is amazing deals. Wish I had a cvs nearby.

  5. rob62521 Says:

    Yowza, Wink! You scored on those deals. What a wonderful thing to have those points to use at the grocery and also the bucks at CVS. Your senior center also is wonderful and I'm glad because I remember my mom who was very low income and how things were tight for her, so I'm glad there are places that are helping.

    Do you do any of the apps like Fetch or Ibotta? Ibotta is pickier about what you buy, but Fetch gives you 25 points for any receipt as long as it is computerized and has the store name, date, and total. I consider it free money.

  6. Wink Says:

    @rob62521: I do use Fetch. It takes a while to earn enough points to cash out but like you said, it's free money!

  7. rob62521 Says:

    Wink, I figured you did, but wanted to make sure. You are a sage when it comes to saving money!

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