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Free Turkey!

November 5th, 2021 at 02:05 pm

I went to my Weis grocery store and picked up my free turkey! I got a 19-pound Weis brand frozen turkey that according to my receipt would have totaled $31.48. I redeemed my 400 club card points to get this for free. I did this deal last year and even though this is a store brand turkey, it was delicious. I will prepare this for Christmas Eve dinner when I host my family for the holiday. This will be a huge help with keeping my Christmas food budget reasonable.  


I also received my November senior center food distribution. I won’t continue to do a full list but here were some of the highlights: 


2 pounds of ground meat 

I pound of bacon (I can’t remember the last time I bought bacon, such a treat!) 

1 pack of hotdogs 

pack of chicken thighs 


Fresh produce (first time receiving fresh produce) 

4 sweet potatoes 

5 russet potatoes 

3 apples 

2 oranges 

3 white onions 


I also received a dozen eggs, a half-gallon of milk, 2 loaves of bread, and a variety of other baked goods. Also included were a bunch of canned goods, cereal, and pasta, pasta sauce etc. As always, I share this with my family. 


I went to CVS and used up some extra bucks that were getting ready to expire. I bought 3, 12 packs of soda to have on hand for when my family comes over for Sunday football watching. The sale was buy 2, get 1 free.  After using the extra bucks this was free, I only spent .30 cents on tax. I don’t drink much soda, though I will have a diet coke now and then so this will last a while. I also ordered some CVS brand, gallon sized freezer bags (18 count). After using extra bucks, and having free shipping through CVS CarePass, I paid .94 cents for these, including tax. I’m going to need these to freeze all that turkey after it’s cooked! 


In other news, my dental issue is still not over. I now need a root canal (same tooth,) and developed an infection that required antibiotics. Sigh. When everything is finished, I will tally up the final out of pocket expense. Even with dental insurance I’m still looking at over $1000 out of pocket. That includes a crown, which are crazy expensive. Thankfully, I have a healthy savings account to cover these kinds of expenses.  


And finally, the heat is on! It got really cold, really fast here in Maryland. I had to turn on the heat. I keep it set at 68 degrees during the day, and with a sweater on that is comfortable for me. I turn it down to 66 degrees at night. I sleep better when its cooler.  


Have a great weekend everyone! 

3 Responses to “Free Turkey!”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Good work with keeping your grocery expenses so low, that is quite a haul!

  2. LifeBalance Says:

    I didn't know about the Weis turkey thing. I don't usually shop there but as I checked out recently the person checking me out asked if I wanted to redeem my points for a turkey certificate. Apparently I had enough points. So I got the certificate. I can't pick up the turkey until after Nov 12th according to the certificate. I'm excited - I'm glad to hear that they are large. It'll probably be a regular meal for us that will result in many leftovers. For Thanksgiving the boys vote on the meal and they never choose turkey.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Wow, you did well! Good for you!

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