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$$Money Saving Deals$$

September 28th, 2021 at 06:11 pm

I went to CVS today and took advantage of the following deals:


Buy 2 name brand toothpastes for $7.98 

I used a CVS store card coupon for $7.98 off 2 of these toothpastes 

These were free, except for tax which was .48 cents 


Buy one name brand deodorant on sale for $2 

I paid $2.12 (.12 cents tax) 

Received a $2 CVS Extra Buck back to use on a future purchase 


I received a CVS app coupon to purchase any hair, cosmetic, or nail product up to a $5 value for free. I chose a bottle of name brand shampoo that was $4.29. This was completely free. 


I purchased: 

3, eight packs of name brand toilet paper (mega rolls, 24 total) 

1 pack of name brand tissues (48 count) 

After applying coupons and CVS extra bucks earned on previous purchases, I paid $5.15 out of pocket (.86 cents of that was tax) 

My receipt said this was a 91% Savings Value 

I also received a $10 CVS extra buck to use on a future purchase. 


Total out of pocket for all of these products (and tax) was only $7.75. And I received a total of $12 CVS Extra Bucks back to use for future purchases. 


Disclaimer: I do not work for CVS! 😊 

1 Responses to “$$Money Saving Deals$$”

  1. Lots of ideas Says:

    I really don’t know how CVS stays in business!

    Thanks for highlighting the toothpaste deal - I did it last time you pointed it out and I’ll do it again. I think that will give me a year’s worth of toothpaste🙂

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