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Free Milk!

August 25th, 2021 at 06:44 pm

I was volunteering at my usual food bank today and we got an unexpected milk donation from one of the local grocery stores early this morning before we opened. We were able to give most of it away, but there were still a few gallons left after we closed so the distribution manager said the volunteers could take a gallon if we wanted. We don't have any way to store it so I was OK with taking a gallon home so it wouldn't go to waste. 

It was funny because I had planned to go to CVS to buy some cereal anyway and now I had free milk for it. The cereal deal was:

Cheerios were on sale for $1.77 a box. I bought 2 boxes for a total of $3.54. I used a $1 off coupon, and a $2 CVS Extra Buck that I earned on a previous purchase, bringing the total out of pocket price down to just .54 cents for 2 boxes. Plus, I earned a $1 Extra Buck to use toward a future purchase. My trip summary on the bottom of my receipt said I saved $10.94 or a 95% savings rate. Not bad!

I also just cashed out my points from Fetch for a $10 CVS gift card. I have another $10 of extra bucks from my Carepass, and $3 of other extra bucks earned so I have a total of $23 to spend on upcoming purchases. I'll see what kind of deals are coming up in the next couple of weeks. 



2 Responses to “Free Milk!”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    Wow, good work on saving, and free milk, too!

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Heavens, that worked out great, didn't it!

    I really like Fetch too!

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