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May 2021 Saving/Spending

May 31st, 2021 at 01:19 pm

Income Total$1837.47

     * $1500 Recurring monthly retirement account distribution  

     * $225 Swagbucks and My Points earnings (cash out to PayPal

     * $112.47 Cashback Credit Card Rewards


Total Spending: $1535.93

Total Savings$301.54 (difference between monthly income and monthly spending) 
Fixed Expenses: 
Verizon bundle (internet, cable, home phone): $174.84

Cell phone: $60.05
HVAC and water heater contract: $29.95 
Condo Fee (includes water) $190.00 

Health Care: (includes health, dental, vision, prescription plans) $476.37 
Utilities: $70.53
Gasoline: $0
Groceries: $303.20 (see note below)
Health: $61.67 (co-pays, scripts refillsvitamins and personal health care items) 
Take Out food: $8.56

Shopping (on-line): $68.00

Personal: $44.76

CVS yearly Carepass renewal: $48.00 (see note below)


* Condo is paid in full 
* Car is paid in full (2017 Camry) 
* No other debt  


*Groceries were high due to having family over for dinner twice, and having friends over for brunch once. I also shopped on 5/30 and most of these groceries will be consumed in June, but I counted it in the month I made the purchase. It gets too complicated to take out grocery costs that are for entertaining, because I always have leftovers, and I use some things I already have on hand, like spices etc. I am just so happy to be able to entertain friends and family again!


* CVS Carepass Renewal: Once a year I pay $48 for a yearly renewal. For this, I get $10 a month in CVS Extra Care bucks every month automatically sent to my CVS member card, worth $120 dollars a year to spend on anything I want at CVS, free shipping on CVS brand purchases and a 20% discount on any CVS brand purchase. So I net $72 ($120 - $48) in free stuff every year just from the Extra Bucks. I have also started back up on my CVS couponing again, now that products I use are back in stock and on sale (paper and cleaning products).

3 Responses to “May 2021 Saving/Spending”

  1. terri77 Says:

    I didn’t realize you could pre-pay the CVS CarePass for the year. I pay $5 monthly.

  2. Lots of ideas Says:

    I too have the CVS Carepass, and I love it. I usually can combine it with coupons and pay very little for items I would buy anyway.

    And even though you have to buy a CVS brand item to get free shipping, I can always find a small item - body lotion is one, canned nuts are another - that cost less than the $5.00 shipping charge. So for me, it is essentially always free shipping!

    I fear they will go out of business with me as a customer...

  3. GoodLiving Says:

    CVS Carepass, can you have a family account or is it only an individual? I think I'm going to have to sign up.

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