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Week #2 August Grocery Challenge

August 15th, 2020 at 02:08 pm

For the week of 8/8 -8/15 I spent $0.00!! Yay! Last week I did a large stock up, so I really didn’t need anything else so far. My goal for August was to spend $20 less for groceries then I did in July. My July total was $198.21, so I have $75.24 left for the month of August to make my goal. I will need to go this week sometime for a few things I am running low on, like fresh produce and bread.

I’ve been really focused on zero food waste. I think that volunteering at the food distribution center for a while now has really opened my eyes to just how badly people are hurting. Our food distribution process is much like what you see on TV. People line up in their cars and when they pull up, we place the food and supplies in their trunk, and they are on their way. There is often a line before we even open, and we usually run out of food before we run out of people who need it. There is a church right down the street who helps people who are walk-ins because they do not have cars.

Out of curiosity, I watched some You Tube videos on people who dumpster dive for food. It is astounding how much food that grocery stores throw away. Food that is not even close to being expired or recalled. Just tossed for no apparent reason. Why isn’t this food donated? We seem to be such a throwaway society.

In other updates, my brother’s birthday was last week so I treated him to some delicious take out. We also had a very small family celebration with cake and gifts. It was a nice day, and I’m grateful for it.

My sister, who lives in Texas (I’m in Maryland) had some bad news regarding her husband. He has been battling cancer, and his last test results were not encouraging. I wish I could go and visit but because of the virus it’s just not possible right now.

Not too much else going on, the weather here in Maryland continues to be very hot and humid with thunderstorms that roll through every few days. I’m really ready for fall and cooler weather.

2 Responses to “Week #2 August Grocery Challenge”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    Our local stores do contribute to the food bank. Maybe it is just a regional thing.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Good job on the grocery challenge this week.

    Our local stores contribute to the food pantries and I know some restaurants give stuff to the place that serves a meal every day so that is good. The food pantry that we contribute to said they give out food 4 days a week to at least 200 families a day. Not a week, a day. So yes, people are hurting. Those of us who are more fortunate should feel blessed.

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