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Mid Month Spending Update

July 16th, 2020 at 08:20 pm

My spending so far this month is at $1326.15. All my regular monthly bills for July have been paid except for my cell phone bill which will be due later in the month. The only other spending I anticipate will be one more small grocery shop. I still have $173.85 left for the month to cover those costs, more than enough.

When I first retired, I set a strict monthly budget of $1500. I was a little worried that would be too restrictive and I wouldn’t have much left for a few indulgences here and there, but so far so good! I spent $140 for a salon visit (color, cut, style and a generous tip) and I picked up some takeout a couple of times, so I’m able to splurge a little here and there.

The salon visit went well. They keep the front door locked so there is no walk-in traffic. When I walked in the first thing I noticed was the smell of Lysol! The salon was spotless.They took a temperature check and asked me a few screening questions. There were only 3 employees there, my stylist, one other and the receptionist. The only person to get close to me was my stylist who wore both a face mask and one of those full plastic face shields. She also shampooed me, no separate shampoo person. I went with a short bob style that I love. I won’t have to go back for a few months, and we will see how things are going at that time. This visit gave me such a boost! A little bit of normalcy in a dark time.

CB In the City’s post earlier today got me thinking about all the loose change I have so I started rolling it up. Once I get a decent amount together, I’ll take it to the bank and cash it in. A national shortage of change is another thing happening as a result of this pandemic that I never thought I would see.

I made some loose plans to go over to my brother’s sometime this weekend for dinner, probably burgers on the grill and sitting outside which we love to do. And my BF and I continue to walk together a few times a week, so I’m getting enough socializing to keep me sane. I think being an introvert is coming in handy! Stay safe and well everyone.

4 Responses to “Mid Month Spending Update”

  1. Smallsteps Says:

    My bank has asked people to cash in their coin but i think it would help more to use it when out and about.
    For example any small purchase paid in coin especially to a small business that may need the coin to make change for those still paying in cash. that way they are not charged (some are) by banks to buy change.

  2. crazyliblady Says:

    I use coins to pay part of my grocery bill and then make an equal payment to a credit card or deposit to savings.

  3. Amber Says:

    I’m so glad to read that the salon has taken precautionary measures to keep not only staff but clients safe.
    I just read a headline that some banks are paying people to bring in their change. I didn’t read the article because I have no change. If I find it I’ll share.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Sounds like yours salon is on the ball. Mine is too. Door locked, limited people, lots of cleaning. I bet having your hair done made you feel great!

    DH has change and he has been paying in correct change whenever. It's funny. One bank said they won't take change unless it is in wrappers, yet another bank said bring it in to run in our machine and you don't pay a fee, even if you aren't a customer.

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