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Breakfast For A Dollar

July 12th, 2020 at 08:18 pm

I went to the grocery store today and spent $62.05. I am well stocked for the next two weeks. Aldi had a great sale on eggs at .49 cents a dozen (large eggs). I picked up two cartons. Just for fun, and because I am somewhat bored, I calculated the cost of breakfast each day using the eggs, toast, butter and coffee:

2 eggs: .08 cents (this would be more usually, but I am using the Aldi’s sale eggs)
1 slice of bread: .20 cents
Butter on toast: .10 cents (not exactly sure but it can’t be any more than this, I don’t use a lot)
Coffee: .27 cents
Creamer: .10 cents
Grand Total .75 cents!

Sometimes I will throw some veggies in my eggs if I have any leftover, like peppers and onions to make more of an omelet. If I do this, I would add on another .25 cents, making the total $1.00. This is a typical breakfast for me. When I first get up, I drink a bottle of water (16.9 oz) to hydrate, then have my meal. I really don’t mind eating the same thing every day, but if I want something different, I’ll have oatmeal and fruit.

I also made a pot of creamy potato soup using the free potatoes I got last week. I’ll be having that this week for either lunch or dinner, along with a spinach salad. I can’t imagine that this soup cost more than $1.00 a bowl. It was a basic recipe but very good!

I stopped at CVS to pick up a prescription and a case of water. At the checkout they had very large bottles (32 oz.) of Germ X moisturizing gel hand sanitizer for sale. It was $9.99 and I was running low, so I picked it up. This will last me a very long time. The water was $2.99. So, for both items the total was $12.98. I used $13 of extra bucks to pay for it so my cost was zero.

I have an appointment on Tuesday to get my hair colored and cut. I really need a haircut! I haven’t been to the salon since the very beginning of March before everything shut down. My stylist said they are strictly adhering to all the required safety rules including reduced staff and customers, sanitizing the stations between each use, wearing masks, and the required distance between stations. She’s a good friend so I trust she is being extremely careful.

Not much else happening, it was a quiet weekend. I hope everyone is well!

6 Responses to “Breakfast For A Dollar”

  1. terri77 Says:

    I really love eggs, toast, & coffee for breakfast.

  2. Lots of Ideas Says:

    I have the bad habit of wanting something sweet in the morning - lately I’ve been having a pop tart or 2 slices of raisin bread toast. But most days I have an egg and either a bagel or an English muffin for lunch.

    My pandemic eating is very carb heavy. I know I will regret it but I feel like I need to at least find joy in my food!

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Great deal on breakfast! I haven't done that lately, but I like to sort of calculate how much a meal costs us. That was a great deal on eggs. Hope our Aldi has come down a little. They went up a number of weeks ago and haven't dropped since.

  4. RaquelF Says:

    I wish I liked eggs! That is a great price! I paid $1.89 for a dozen. Frown

    Maybe I need to look into CVS? We use Walgreens and get points but we can only use $5 worth at a time.

  5. CB in the City Says:

    LOI, my pandemic eating is carb heavy, too. It's hard to eat fresh when you're trying to avoid shopping. I feel like avoiding infection is my top priority, and I'll fix the rest later. Because I'll still be alive to do so! Smile

  6. LifeBalance Says:

    Nice! I don't mind eating the same thing for several days either. The creamy potato soup sounds great. It's a comfort food for me.

    And I also have my first post-shutdown hair appointment this week! Wednesday for me.

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