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A few errands

July 8th, 2020 at 06:51 pm

It is extremely hot and humid in Maryland today. Summer is not my favorite season. The humidity just seems to drain all my energy really quickly. I did venture out to run a few errands though. I had a coupon from my grocery store for a free 10-pound bag of russet potatoes. I dropped half of these off to my brother as I will never eat that many! I’ll need to find some recipes for what to do with the rest.
Then I went over to CVS and bought 5 bottles of shampoo, and a 6-roll pack of paper towels (the really big, jumbo rolls). After using coupons and extra bucks I paid $5.69 out of pocket, and .95 cents of that was tax. I also received another $10 extra buck to use on a future purchase. Extra bucks are just like cash, you can use them on anything you want to buy. CVS is giving away a free item a day to its CVS Carepass members through next week. Today’s item was an apricot facial scrub, worth $4.39, I think. So that was a nice freebie.

A friend from work called me to vent a little about having to physically go back to work. She has been working from home.The college is reopening and ending the work from home option on August 1st. She is really worried about being exposed to COVID. Everyone is required to wear masks, and all staff will be given the full plastic face shields as well. There will be temperature checks, and they have hired safety monitors to patrol the campus and buildings to be sure students are being compliant with wearing masks, and social distancing. There will also be extensive cleaning efforts by the maintenance staff. They are going to try and offer only one third of classes in person, with a third being virtual, and a third being a hybrid combination. Class sizes will also be smaller so students can spread out in the classroom.

I can’t even imagine how this is going to work in K-12. What a decision for parents to have to make for their children. Is it safe to send them back? How will the buses work? Cafeterias? Does it do more harm to their development to keep them home? I know that the public-school system in my county sent out a survey to all parents for input on what they would like to see. So much to consider.

2 Responses to “A few errands”

  1. househopeful Says:

    I am very unsure what will happen with schools where I am. People are being selfish, stupid and sometimes just unaware. My daughter will be starting Kindergarten. I know that the socialization and the teacher will mean SO much for her learning/growth, but I worry about the safety.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Right now there seems to be a lot of discussion about schools reopening. I understand the concern, but I've also heard many parents worried about child care of schools do not open. It's tough on both sides.

    Good deal on the free potatoes!

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