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Prepping/ I miss couponing!

June 7th, 2020 at 07:05 pm

I really miss my couponing and deal hunting! When I was still working, I really only had time to focus on CVS deals and sometimes Walgreens. On Saturday night I would get all my coupons and extra care bucks together, check the new CVS circular for the upcoming week and plan out my Sunday morning shopping trip.

My plan when I retired was to branch out to other stores because I would have more time to learn their policies and how things worked. But all of that has come to a halt as I am trying to stay out of stores as much as possible. Also, a lot of the best deals included products that are now either not in stock, or very limited per person, like TP, paper towels, cleaning products, etc. And I just want to note that this was fun for me! I really enjoy finding deals and saving money on things I use. I didn’t shop just to shop...if that makes sense.

For the past year (before the pandemic) I had been actively building a stockpile of products that I routinely use through couponing combined with sales to prepare for retirement. I built this up slowly with the goal of paying as little as possible for things I regularly use so I wouldn’t need to spend money on these things for a while after I retired when my budget got much tighter. I didn’t stockpile food, only things like TP, paper towels, cleaning products, personal care products etc.

I never really thought of myself as a “prepper” in the traditional sense of the word, I was just a couponer building a stockpile to save money. But having this stockpile has served me well during the pandemic, and it also allowed me to help my family and a few neighbors.

So now I’ve been thinking about slowly building up a small food stockpile with some shelf stable items, and look at a few things that I probably should have anyway, like a really good battery operated radio (I have a very old one but could use an upgrade), and an indoor lantern of some type for light in case of an extended loss of power. Because I live in a condo, I can't have a generator. I know many of you garden and grow your own food, and do some canning, but I am limited due to not having a yard to grow things.

It’s one thing to be financially prepared for emergencies but having savings won’t help if you can’t purchase what you need. Who would have thought that we would not be able to easily buy TP, or hand sanitizer or Clorox wipes, or that we might experience a shortage of some foods due to a disruption in the food supply chain due to a pandemic? I surely didn’t.

I’m wondering if anyone else who typically hadn’t done any prepping or stockpiling (not hoarding, there is a difference) is now considering it to some degree? I’ve seen some very interesting conversations about this on some other sites I frequent. People in certain parts of the country who are prone to extreme weather events like hurricanes prepare, so why not prepare for other types of disruptions?

Something to think about.

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  1. LifeBalance Says:

    Interesting that you raise this now as I am indeed planning to create stockpile and I've never done it before. Really as I mentioned in my blog I think: I should have had one to last a week or so anyway during the winter in case we are ever hit with a bad storm that blocks us in. This pandemic has been a wake-up call for me.

    I don't want to live in fear and I don't want to have old food stored that could go bad. So my strategy will be to stock up during Sept (supplements), October (supplies), and November (food). Then if the stored items aren't needed during the winter we'll use them up in March-April-May. Then repeat.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    I'm one of those that never really stockpiled, partly because of budgeting. Why buy more than one needs to use at any one time? I feel a little pull to stockpile, but even my stock has started to dwindle in recent weeks as it feels less necessary. Even hurricane season hasn't spurred me on yet. Again, we just go get what we need when we need it. I was in a Walgreens the other day around nine in the morning and there were only like tive people in the store. Nearly all were waiting for prescriptions. My point is these stores are be avoided by many, thus actually less risky to go right now. You might check it out. I also think some stores are being forced to clearance inventory fast because they have new stock coming in and need to make room.

  3. Laura S. Says:

    I used to love to coupon too. However, I am at my dad's now and there isn't much room. I would like to get back at it later this summer if my health allows. I try and fill up the church's little food box (a little library for food).

  4. Lots of Ideas Says:

    Where I live, it is a 30 minute walk to the grocery store, then taxi home. In the winter, the street is often narrowly plowed and getting from the street to the building a slippery mess. I am in the habit of building a stockpile in case the winter is bad - I have local alternatives for dairy, produce, bread but the shelf stable stuff is expensive there.

    I have a side by side freezer and a pantry cabinet and some storage boxes. When things I use are on sale, I buy in bulk. I had pasta, sauce, canned and dried fruit, oatmeal, flour, sugar, butter(10 pounds!), meat, canned soup, even some hershey’s Kisses I bought after Christmas for 90 percent off, I haven’t been to the grocery store since before March! I go to the market on the corner and/or CVS once a week.

    I always tell people that my investment strategy is to buy canned corn...the stock market goes up and down, food prices seem to just go up. I just bought 8 cans of corn for $.50. I had to watch prices to get it that low, and it will last me for months. When I use the next to last can, i’ll Start looking again. During baking season, butter is often $2.50 or $2.99 a pound. I buy two pounds and freeze it. I had reached my - if they are giving it away, I can’t take it - stage so stopped.

    I enjoy the hunt, and since I too am retired, I don’t need to shop for much but food. I understand why people who have to put a premium on time don’t have the time or mind space to devote to this, but I find it well worth while. I only buy things I use.

    I love love love CVS, I sometimes think that if I don’t shop for a week, they wonder where I am and send me a coupon! I

  5. Turtle Lover Says:

    I usually stock up when things are on sale so that part is normal for me... but the TP thing caught me off guard ... I ended up buying TP when I could and had shared with some friends who were in need when I had more than I needed. Right now the only thing I feel I'm almost "hoarding" is the pasta ... right now the stores are still limiting to ONE BAG ... so every time I go I pick up a bag even if I don't need it because there were a few times when I've wanted 2 and couldn't get it. Right now we're pretty stocked up though. I think I will still continue to keep extra extra TP on hand just in case though ...

  6. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    I can't decide. I don't like stockpiling usually like CCF not financial for us but space is premium where we live. So I don't really have the space. But I am sort of keeping more cleaning supplies and an extra TP pack from costco.

  7. rob62521 Says:

    I miss the coupons and the deals, but am glad I can afford to buy what I need.

    I have been slowly working on a little bigger stockpile than we normally have. I worry we will see another panic shopping time in the fall.

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