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A Fun Frugal Weekend

August 6th, 2018 at 10:16 am

I was having a conversation with my niece about finances over the weekend. She and her boyfriend are trying to save more, so I gave her a few tips that work for me. One was to find frugal ways to have fun. On Friday night after work, I joined a few friends at a local park where a free music festival was being held. There were also vendors selling various crafts and art items, and food and drinks. It was a nice evening weather wise and we had so much fun strolling around and listening to the music. I spent $10 on a pulled pork sandwich and a lemonade. On Saturday I spent the day with my best friend. She works at a grocery store and has rare weekends off, so we took advantage of a free Saturday for her by going to various antique stores and thrift stores in her area. I didn't buy anything because I didn't need anything, but we loved browsing. We spent the day catching up on life, and belly laughing more times then I can count. She lives in a more rural area and we stopped for lunch at an out of the way place we hadn't tried before. I got the best BLT with garden fresh tomato, crispy thick cut bacon, on home baked fresh bread. It came with cole slaw and a pickle and was delicious! With a drink and tip I spent $11.47. We also stopped at a few farm stands and purchased some corn on the cob, tomatoes and peaches. My Friend paid for mine as she owed me some money I had lent her a while back. I spent a few hours on Sunday at my brother's and had lunch there, and the conversation with my niece. I had a fantastic weekend, and only spent $21.47. Overall a very fun and frugal weekend! I am off work this week, using up some vacation time and I intend to try and and keep the frugal fun going all week!

10 Responses to “A Fun Frugal Weekend”

  1. Carol Says:

    That did sound like fun!

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Sounds like a great summer weekend!

  3. snafu Says:

    Your weekend sounded like fun. I read an article several years ago written by someone who observed thatAmericans saw shopping as 'entertainment.' It clicked for me because my friends always suggested checking our a new shopping venue as Saturday meet-up. I started checkiing out on-line entertainment listings starting with the library programs, local parks, government supported , Military evens, dog shows, equestrian competitions, African violets/ garden competitions and more recently short train trips primarily for kiddies to experience train travel.

    The downside has been pressure from friends and friends of friends to know what events are upcoming that need tickets in advance. We all use backpacks in summer primarily to facilitate taking water so I make it a point to take snacks from home. We've a cooler that plugs into the car and outfitted light weight back packs with the foil-like cold packs and a frozen jell pak.

    In July we have Olympic Equestrian trials, whose 1st section of seats are free. The nice, grandstand seats are $ 20. & up. Several other equestrian groups offer different types of cart /carriage rides and if you walk through the barns the RCMP Musical Ride participants seem delighted to tell you all abut their processes.

    Last weekend we went to a pick-your-own produce farm. It was more work and more expensive than I expected but the quality of the produce was spectacular! The farmer turned out to be a new immigrant who was learning English but farming a plot of land to rehabilitate the land with his knowledge of plants. Picking peas and beans was hard work. His young kids kindly came to help. He had a crabapple 'orchard' and now I plan to prepare to make crab apple jelly. I haven't done that for years!

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Sounds like a worthwhile weekend.

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  9. Fred Says:

    I don’t know you see living frugally so much fun? I mean yeah, it can be fun when you are restart print spooler trying it out for the first time just out of curiosity. But if the situations are making you lead one, I don’t think it can be that fun.

  10. Lisa Abrams Says:

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