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Nice Weekend

April 22nd, 2018 at 10:38 pm

The weather was sunny but still chilly this weekend. One of the things I really enjoy is having my morning coffee out on my balcony on the weekends. I'm an early riser, even on the weekends, and I love enjoying the quiet before the hustle and bustle starts. So I spent some time cleaning up out there, washed everything down, cleaned the patio chairs and table and put out the indoor outdoor rug. Now I just need it to warm up enough to enjoy it!

Financially, I'm having a good month. I spent $715.97 so far this month and will only need gas and probably one more small grocery shop for some fresh veggies, fruit and bread. All other bills are paid. I took some chili out of the freezer for lunches this week, and have a pretty stocked freezer for dinners.

As I was thinking about the upcoming work week it struck me how many people I saw for appointments last week who were in the 50's - 60's age ranges and having trouble finding full time employment. A common theme seemed to be age discrimination. These were people with solid educations and work histories, who had been laid off (seemingly for no reason beside their age) and just could not find work. It's so prevalent in todays work culture. It's frustrating and discriminatory and almost impossible to prove. I just wish I had an answer for them.

Hoping everyone reading has a good week!

5 Responses to “Nice Weekend”

  1. Butterscotch Says:

    Age discrimination is so scary. I’m my late 30s and I can already feel it...

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I am so relieved I made it to retirement without getting the sack. Ironically, I find that age doesn't matter for contract workers, at least in my field. Since I've been retired, employers have sought me out for contract work, and seem to appreciate my knowledge and skills. They can just sit me down and put me to work. But when they hire a full-time worker with benefits -- it's a kid who knows just about nothing -- but interviews well! (And who will probably not even stick around for more than a year.) How the world has changed.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Age discrimination is real. I retired at 55 and I was made to feel like I was a doddering old fool by some of the younger people in my buildings. Even the older administrators could only see the "youth" angle, and then after hiring them, many were a disappointment because they didn't have the work ethic. I'm not saying all young people lack a work ethic, but many do and many haven't been taught how to do their jobs. They can talk a good show, but there isn't any substance. Sometimes experience does help. I tried to help some of the younger teachers with teaching strategies as well as suggesting financial saving. I was told they had devices so they didn't need teaching strategies. I like electronic devices, but nothing replaces good instruction. As for the money angle, many told me they would get to it later as they walked in with their daily lattes, up to date clothing, name brand purses, and newest iPhone.

  4. nursing thesis Says:

    The worst thing is this is frustrating and discriminatory and almost impossible to prove.

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