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Bought a bed/lost a crown

April 10th, 2017 at 08:51 pm

First's spring break week! The college is closed until 4/18. Happy dance! The first thing on my to do list for this week was to buy a bed for the spare bedroom. My mom is coming to visit in May for about 6 weeks so I needed to buy a bed. After lots of shopping around I settled on a full size mattress with a low profile boxspring and frame. I needed something that wouldn't sit too high up to make it easy for mom to get in and out. With taxes and delivery charge the grand total was $644.18. It was in stock and is being delivered and set up tomorrow. I can cash flow this so it went on the credit card for the reward points and I'll pay it off in full in May when I get the bill. I'll still need to get a mattress pad, a set of sheets and 1 more pillow. I already have a spare blanket and quilt I can use.

Over the past weekend a very old crown on my back tooth came off. I stopped in at the dentist this morning and arranged an appointment for Wednesday. It looks like my insurance will pay for 60% of a new crown so it was estimated my out of pocket would be around $250. Not too bad, but still an unexpected expense. Crowns are crazy expensive!

2 Responses to “Bought a bed/lost a crown”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    New bed sounds great. Sorry you have to make like royalty and be crowned!

  2. Sofia Watson Says:

    This is good and bad also because you have to buy a new bed with good mattress and lost their crown. Crown is a little bit expensive than bed just because of their beauty. Your writing skill is good and I am also a writer of Assignment Writing Services UK.

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