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Overdue Update (long) and swagbucks question

February 11th, 2013 at 06:09 pm

I have been keeping up pretty well with my 2013 financial goals so far. I am averaging 3-4 NSD's a week. I continue to pay an extra $1400 a month toward my mortgage principle which now stands at $96,352.74. And I am steadily staying below my target of spending $50 a week for groceries. Now that football Sunday parties are over it's been pretty easy.

Some great news on the job front! I work at a community college that has multiple campuses. I have always worked at the campus located the farthest from my home, typically a 45-60 minute drive each way, and I had to buy an ez-pass because I had to commute through a tunnel everyday. I had put in for a transfer to the closest campus to home (10 minutes away) a long time ago, and it was finally approved! My gas usage will easily be cut in half (maybe more),and I won't need the tunnel pass anymore, and I get to sleep in an extra 30 minutes every morning! Sweet!

I joined swagbucks on 12/31/12 and as of today I have 7231 points. I am waiting to get to 10,000 to purchase a $100 e-gift card to either CVS or Walmart. I plan to use this to stock up on all my personal care products. Has anyone else used one of the e-gift cards from swagbucks? I am wondering if there are any glitches with these? Either printing them out or trouble using them in the stores mentioned?

6 Responses to “Overdue Update (long) and swagbucks question”

  1. SecretarySaving Says:

    You are doing great!

  2. ThriftoRama Says:

    I've never had an issue redeeming the swagbucks cards.

  3. Carolina Girl Says:

    Sounds like life is going great. Wonderful news on the transfer. I would welcome any suggestions as to accumulating that many Swagbucks. I only yield about 450 a month.

  4. Wink Says:

    Carolina Girl: I have just been really lucky with surveys. I was able to meet the daily goals every day in January and that yielded quite a lot of bonus points. It's been a bit slower in February so far.

  5. Suzanne Says:

    I used a $5 walmart e-gift card at the store with no problems at all.

  6. mjrube94 Says:

    I've used e-gift cards for cvs that I got through other channels (not SB) and never had a problem.

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