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Owning it in 2013!

January 7th, 2013 at 06:20 pm

This is my weekly update on the goals I set for myself for 2013. I did great in some, and had an epic fail in others. When I fail, I intend to just OWN it, and not make excuses. Then try and do better the next week!

Financial: From 1/1/13-1/6/13 (short week)

I had 4 NSD's out of 6 (great!)

I spent $69.71 at the grocery store. My goal was to keep it below $50 for the week. However, I hosted an NFL play-offs get together on Sunday and $23.45 of the total spent was food for the party. So, I'm not sure how to think about this one. I am happy that my team won and we all had a great time!

Health Goals:

I was consistent every day with taking my vitamins and drinking lots of water (great!)

I did not lose my 1 lb. last week. On the contrary, I gained half a pound. Big fail, and I own this. No excuses. I just ate too much and...

Exercise 4 times a week goal: Fail! I did not work out once last week. Again, no excuses. I just need to to better.

Also, I joined swagbucks on 12/31 and to date I have 1,335 bucks! Once I get to 10,000 I am cashing in for a $100 CVS gift card to use for toiletries and paper goods.

Have a great week!

2 Responses to “Owning it in 2013!”

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