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Rough Couple of Weeks

December 14th, 2012 at 06:41 pm

My 86 year old mom (who lives with me) has been in and out of the hospital the past few months, but really declined about 2 weeks ago and was rushed to the hospital again. She is doing better but will now need to be admitted to a short term assisted living facility for a 4-6 week stay for some post-op care.

The toll it has taken on her is of course my primary concern, but something like this just wreaks havoc with a normal schedule, work, meals, sleep, traveling back and forth to the hospital etc. I just "live better" when I have a set routine and schedule.

My budget for the last 2 weeks is just all messy. I was pulling money out to eat on the run, pick up some things that my mom needed, more gas money than usual etc. My body is feeling it too. Way too much junk food, not enough sleep and no time to exercise or to just chill out.

Now that things are starting to settle down, I can get back on track, but it got me to thinking that unfortunately, my mom will prbably continue to have health challenges and I need to really be more prepared when these emergencies happen so that I don't go into a tailspin.

I have a fully funded emergency fund for money, but seem to lacking on a "life planning emergency fund" for all the other things (not money related) that happen.

On a happier note, it's Friday!

3 Responses to “Rough Couple of Weeks”

  1. snafu Says:

    I've just seen the coverage on school shooting in CT and realize we all need a family plan for probable emergencies. We've an ICE binder with contact details but no personal plan. Do you have suggestions as a result of your recent experience?

  2. Jerry Says:

    It's hard to plan for contingencies like this one with your mom, and it does lead to a lot of challenges with your money and life in general. Sometimes life intervenes, you know? It's a blessing that your mom has the insurance of a family member who can help her when she needs it most...

  3. patientsaver Says:

    Yes, it IS hard to plan for these things, becus until it happens, you really don't know what exactly you're up against, eg, having a parent who's well enough to be at home with you with some extra care/supervision vs. a hospital stay, post-stay therapy, or something more extended.

    If you have a sibling or other relative who can help pitch in, I think it would be a great help to at least talk about it with them and consider the possiblities and possible responses, to review your mother's preferences about end of life stuff and so on.

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